Welcome to www.thuyduong.com.vn!

We are Thuy Duong Limited Liability Company, headquartered in 184 Vo Van Tan, 5 Ward, District 3, HCMC.

www.thuyduong.com.vn by Thuy Duong is a website owned and operated. The products displayed on this website will be sold by the terms and conditions below. When you access this site, you need to read carefully and accept the terms and conditions when you create your account and before you purchase the product.

Terms and conditions are connected to other material on the site, including the policies and guidelines related. These documents are an integral part of the terms and conditions. Once approved terms and conditions, the customer also accepted the conditions and other terms set forth in these documents.

Any amendments will be effective immediately after the terms and conditions posted on the revised site. We will provide notice of the amendment within 7 days from the date of publication. Please check and confirm to agree with amendments before placing a purchase on the site. Any orders placed after the date of publication of the terms and conditions shall be deemed to modify the customer has agreed to the new terms and conditions.

At all times, the customer has the right to stop using the product and do not buy on this website if the customer does not agree to the terms and conditions or any rule, policy or other relevant issues.



Unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

“Account” means an account the customer register and log on to buy goods on the site.

“Business day” is the day of the week except 7 pm, Sundays and holidays as stipulated by the law of Vietnam.

“On the bank’s work” is the 7th day of the week except Sundays and holidays as stipulated by the law of Vietnam.

“Shopping cart” is a list of items that the customer has selected and intends to purchase, including the number of product and order value. The customer can change the cart until the completion of the order.

“The customer” is the individuals in the territory of Vietnam are 18 years old or under 18 but with the supervision of a parent or guardian, and shopping on our website.

“Discount code” is a string of characters so we set up for amounts deducted from the customer to pay when shopping on the site.

“Force majeure” means events beyond our control, including but not limited to natural disasters (floods, droughts, earthquakes), uprisings, riots, war, acts hostile, warlike operations, the state of national emergency, terrorism, strikes, epidemics, fires, explosions, accidents, damage to mechanical systems, traffic restrictions, the executive of third parties (eg. hackers), software or a related third party does not work, interruptions in the supply of public utilities (including electricity, water, telecommunication systems, internet) and product shortages.

“Thuy Duong” is Thuy Duong Limited Liability Company, headquartered in 184 Vo Van Tan, 5 Ward, District 3, HCMC.

www.thuyduong.com.vn or “we” is the e-commerce site by Thuy Duong as owners and operators.

“Order” is the order that the customer ordered on the website to purchase products sold by Thuy Duong. After Thuy Duong order is confirmed, that line will be a binding contract you and us.

“Order confirmation” is the e-mail that we send to you to confirm we agreed to supply the products to the customer under the terms and conditions specified.

“Products” are the products we sell on the site from time to time.

“Terms and conditions” means the terms and conditions of use and purchases on e-commerce site www.thuyduong.com.vn.

“Website” or “site” means the website www.thuyduong.com.vn by Thuy Duong who is the operator and who sells the product for you.


Visit and learn about the product on the website, the customer can choose the products to the cart without having to set up the account. The account will only be established when the customer needed poised to purchase the selected products. This separate account will help the customer to be able to fully enjoy the facilities and the promotions we make from time to time.

The individuals in Vietnam, meets the following conditions can create an account on the website:

– Aged 18 years

– Under 18 years with the supervision of a guardian

You must read and accept the terms and conditions to complete the process of setting up an account. We encourage you to keep your password carefully and not disclosed to others. Please immediately notify us if found signs of unauthorized access to the account of the customer.

Accounts are allocated to you only for the purpose of buying and selling on the web page. The information provided when you register for an account must be true and accurate in all respects. We recommend the customer to quickly update personal information when there is a change. You can also ask us to help the customer to change the personal information concerned by the exchange with the Customer care center at the telephone number (08) 3832 9183 (extension: 107) or through e-mail address sale@thuyduong.com.vn.

We reserve the right to refuse an order or to refuse delivery if the customer discovered the information provided is incorrect and we will not have any liability whatsoever for any loss directly or indirectly arising out of the quarter fail to comply with this regulation.