All products in Thuy Duong are of good quality and origin, preserved and transported under suitable conditions and temperatures according to the manufacturer’s standard.

However, in case you are not satisfied with the product purchased or the product shows signs of unsatisfactory commitment, we are always ready to listen and support you in any case and agree to pay back. In the following cases:

– The product is still in validity for the return

– The reason for returning the goods must be valid and meet the conditions for acceptance of return of goods (see below):

  • Broken
  • Technical error
  • Unlike advertising
  • Delivery wrong
  • Delivery missing goods



After receiving the products you send, we will conduct quality reviews and time to complete this process need 3-5 business days. As soon as the test result is available, we will send a notice to you by phone, message or email.

If your product meets the conditions of payment, Thuy Duong will carry out refund or refund procedures. The expected time of the return or refund process for each method is as follows:

Method of refund

Refund time (after the product has been verified)

Credit card & local ATM

5 – 15 business days

Bank transfer

3-5 business days

The time of return is 7 working days (after the product has been verified).

If you have any questions about the return policy, please contact Customer service at (08) 3832 9183 (extension: 107) or at email address