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Travel kit



1. UMF Gentle micellar water (Bottle 40ml)


The Gentle micellar water is specialy formulated for sensitive skin. Enriched with glycerin (3%), it cleanses, removes make-up and leaves skin clean and soft.

2. UMF Gentle cleansing gel (Tube 75ml)


The Gentle cleansing gel removes make-up and gently cleanses cells. Preserves the skin barrier and leaves skin looking radiant and smooth.

3. UMB Ultra moisturizing body milk (Tube 75ml)

Child – adult.

Ultra moisturizing body milk has been specifically developed for the sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin of babies, children and adults. Reduces the sensations of discomfort and skin tightness. Rich in moisturizing (2% urea, 10% glycerin), protective and lipid-replenishing agents. Penetrates instantly for intense, lasting 24hrs moisturizing.

4. UMF Light ultra moisturizing cream (Tube 15ml)


The Ultra moisturizing cream protects skin water at each level of the epidermis for a replenished and radiant skin. It’s lightweight texture instantly soothes and comforts the skin. Sensations of skin tightness are immediately and lastingly eliminated.

* Tested under dermatological control.

Product Description

1. UMF Gentle micellar water

– Perfect balanced formula (efficacy / hydration / softness) with gentle surfactants.

– 0%: Paraben, colorant.

– Ophtalmologist tested on contact lenses wearers.


Apply with a cotton pad to face and eyes. No-rinse.

Key ingredients

Glycerin, allantoin.

2. UMF Gentle cleansing gel

– Restores and softens the skin.

– Leaves a protective film on the skin.

– 0%: Soap, paraben, colorant. Ophtalmologist tested. Physiological pH.


Apply to damp face, lather and then rinse.

Key ingredient


3. UMB Ultra moisturizing body milk

– Intense 24 hours moisturizing.

– Non greasy and non sticky texture.

– A pleasant and delicate smell.

– Tested under dermatological control. 0% paraben.


Apply by massaging gently once a day.

Key ingredients

Glycerin, urea.

4. UMF Light ultra moisturizing cream

– Comfortable, non-sticky texture. Fast penetration. Iconic fragrance.

– Excellent make-up basis.

– 0%: Paraben, colorant, silicone.


Apply morning and / or evening to face and neck.

Key ingredients

Glycerin, urea, biomimatic lipid.