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Regeneradora cream



Unit: Tube 125ml

The Repavar® regenerating cream, guarantees intense nourishing and skin repair with its formula of active ingredients of rosehip oil (6.25%). It reduces wrinkles, prevents flaking and gives your skin the elasticity it needs. It also helps to reduce scars, blemishes and stretch marks. You can use it on your face as well as your body if you have dry, mature or aged skin. And if you are using the Repavar® Regeneradora pure rosehip oil to treat residual scars, it also acts as an extra boost, maximising the results.

Product Description

Main ingredients

Rosehip oil 6.25%, hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin E.

Indicated for

Facial and body care of dry, mature or ageing skin.

Directions for use

Gently massage with the fingertips to favour absorption.