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Heating & exfoliating mask with cranberries



Unit: Bag 15g

For combination and oily skin, teenagers skins, mature skins wich tends to thicken.

This cream mask in the perfume of red fruit is at the same time a mask and an exfoliating scrub. It gives a sweet sensation of heating wich facilitates the elimination of the impurities and dead celles thanks to the kaolin. Tannins contained in the pulp of cranberries pay an astringent and antibacterial role. Besides, the oil of grape seeds also contains astringent virtues. It is an oily and light wich penetrates into the skin without leaving any greasy sensation. It has the advantage to be particulary rich in linoleic acid. As for the seeds of cranberries, they exfoliate gently the skin.

Product Description


Start with your usual cleansing procedure. Humidify slightly the face then apply in thick layer all the contents of the bag by avoiding the eyes area. Leaves 10 min and just before to take it off, massage during 30 seconds with fi ngers beforhand moistened to exfoliate. Then, rinse carefully with wet sponges.


The skin is smooth, perfectly cleansed. The complexion is bright.