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Crystal eye make-up remover lotion



Unit: Bottle 200ml

Skin type: All skin types, recommended for sensitive eyes

Texture: Gel water

Color: Transparent

Beauty advantage

This product is a true gentle cleanser for sensitive eyes and eyelids. Its fluid texture provides a unique comfort to ease contact with eyes. Because of the natural assets of cornflower and orange blossom, this make-up remover lotion is moisturizing, soothing and softening features as well.

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Product Description


1. Stones

– White quartz: Purifying, softening

– Opal: Calming, moisturizing

2. Plants

– Marshmallow: Decongestant, soothing

– Moringa: Bracing, rich in minerals and A and E vitamins

3. Flowers

– Orange blossom: Refreshing

– Cornflower: Soothing

4. Others

– Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing

– Gemology skin care®: “Zen” effect

– Organic water: Beneficial


To remove all types of make-up and to moisturize the contour of the eyes.

Directions for use

Use the eye make-up remover lotion with a cotton pad. Apply the eye make-up remover, as follows:
Hold a cotton on the major, held by the index and ring finger, hold the skin at the eyebrow, remove make-up from top to down of the upper eyelid in three steps (inside / middle / outside). Fold the cotton and keep the skin at the outer corner of the eye, pass underneath the lower eyelashes from the outside inwards.