Single Product

A.G.E. recovery



Unit: 20 tubes x 10ml

Product information

The A.G.E. recovery is specifically formulated to work in synergism with the pHformula skin resurfacing treatments. A unique combination of active ingredients working synergistically to assist in speeding-up skin recovery, maintaining the overall health of the skin, and helping to prevent future skin damage.

Product Description


– Ageing (photo ageing, pigment changes, lentigines, telangiectasia, dull sallow appearance, keratosis, unhealthy condition of stratum corneum, wrinkles, superficial and medium expression lines).

– Fitzpatrick I – VI.

Key ingredients

Retinol, niacinamide, pyruvic acid, glycolic acid, galactaric acid, pycnogenol®, PH-DVC™, paraben free preservative system.