Founded in 1999, THUY DUONG Commercial Limited Liability Company specializes in distribution of cosmetics and dermo cosmetics with the goal of providing products with high quality and safety in accordance with international standards, meet needs daily beauty care of consumers and support treatments for beauty professionals.

Scarlett Thomeson

The Sapphire Cream of Gemology is my cure all! I love it to say the am undoubdtely a cusomter for life! It has made my skin so soft, completely even toned (to the point where I have been wearing less foundation) and  it cured my acne. It’s unreal! Usually if I fall asleep without washing my face, I breakout the next day. I was so tired last week from planning my party, I feel asleep 3 times without washing my face (2 days were back to back), and you know what... no breakout! I have no been using this product for three weeks, and I am obsessed! My skin is so firm and just beautiful. It really does give your skin whatever it is missing! This is a

Marry Rose

Nee Make-up Milano have an amazing selection of colourful and playful make-up. Available from their face line was an impressive selection of foundations some of them are compact, mineral, mousse, high protection, non ransfer,perfect skin oxegen foundation to name a few! They had loose powder, liquid powder, makeup camouflage, concealers, blushes, highlighting pens to use for highlighting your face. I was quiet impressed with the variety to

Vanessa Santos

I have been using Repavar Rose Hips Oil for almost 2 months, and I just love it. It not only reduces scarring like crazy. It's a very good scar remover product and I recommend the product to people with scars that want their scars to go away from their body It also heals pimples, my skin is smooth and clear. I'm definetly getting some more of

Jesseca Awust

Paris Beauté of Thuy Duong is a wonderfully relaxing, unpretentious haven in the heart of the city. The staff is friendly, attentive and knowledgeable, offering a complete list of services and expertise. Amrit's facials in particular are a special treat. I've been going to Paris Beauté regularly for five years, and I really