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Posted: June 26th, 2018

Since the time that Topicrem takes a part of our daily life, it becomes the ally and even the accomplice of your family. But do you know about its story? Do you know about its values ​​and its commitments? We’re not trying to ask you to open our history’s book on page 207 to see what happened, but let’s us guide you a ride back in that time if you want to join with us!

Inspire other families from the story of their own family love story

Back in 1993, the preeminent era of recorders and Walkman music players. The familiar story that you often hear about a father, he always care for allergy and sensitive skin of his son. He hates drugs, but you know what the kids will be when they are forced to do things they do not like. Even we – ourselves do not like the cream on the skin, because after that we have to put on our pants in an uncomfortable way!

The father, president of pharmaceutical laboratory, soon joined up with his colleagues to create a top-selling product in France: Topicrem Ultra moisturizing body milk. What is his secret? This is a 24-hours moisturizing formula that helps soothe the skin, without stickiness, so you can wear your clothes it immediately after use. The product also has a pleasant scent, which can satisfy all users.

This story helped Topicrem maintain its position, help the brand come closer to the consumer and inspire other families from the very story of the family’s love of the president. Whether your skin is dry or allergic or not, moisturizing the skin is important. Topicrem always wants to go along with you to help your skin stays healthier and more beautiful.

The strict requirements of the cosmetic expert skin moisturizer

Topicrem is like us. We value real but simple values ​​from within. Formulated with effective ingredients and with a clear origin, the product is developed in France by dermatologists, cosmetologists and even biologists. The science of moisture retention is not natural, but it is a process that requires careful study of the cosmetic brand of the French brand. No tricky, no demanding: Topicrem deserves a dedicated moisturizer for you!

Topicrem always listen to comments from customers and regularly check the quality of products to ensure customers always feel satisfied. Moisturizing should always be a joy, a love for oneself and for the ones you love. That’s so nice, isn’t it?

Indeed, the Topicrem product meets the following criteria:

– Safety: The formula is made with ingredients carefully selected according to the safe pharmaceutical category standard for the skin. Of course, the production process is also strictly controlled, to ensure that you get optimal performance when used, while protecting the sensitive skin.

– Efficiency: We are committed to providing a wide range of products suitable for each type of skin but still ensure long lasting moisturizing effect.

– Physically comfortable: The product is studied with a soft, smooth emulsion, which helps to bring comfort to the skin when used.

– Origin: Topicrem makes sure to use ingredients that are clear and beneficial to the skin. We always ensure that every step of the process is monitored and monitored closely.

It’s your turn! Tell us how you know Topicrem and what your favorite product is in the comment section!


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