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Unique peptide complex
The SOS eye rescue contains a unique peptide complex which assists to reduce the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles as well puffiness and dark circles. The weightless cream helps to improve
skin elasticity and hydration. A light-reflecting formula glides across the lid and instantly brightens
the skin around the eye contour. Ideal to prep the eyes for a smoother and longer lasting eyeshadow
Benefits and ingredients
• Chrysinimide – a combination of active ingredients able to absorb and eliminate coloured blood
pigments in the skin which are responsible for dark circles under the eyes. It also has an anti-
inflammatory effect and emphasises firmness and tone of the eye area
• Peptide complex – a powerful combination of two peptides that work synergistically and act as a
cell messenger to stimulate the wound healing process. The peptide complex provides a smoothing
effect on expression lines and dismisses eye-puffiness and dark circles, erasing any signs of fatigue
• Skin identical Ceramides – provides superior protection by restoring the compromised lipid barrier
function, while improving elasticity and hydration
• Vitamin E – excellent moisturiser, powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties from
Light reflecting eye make-up primer
*Direction for use: Apply once or twice daily around the eye area including the upper eyelid. Gently
pat in an upward direction around the orbital bone and eyebrow bone.
**top eye-tip: for superior results apply E.Y.E recovery followed by SOS eye rescue. Wink! Wink!

Lips! Lips! Lips!
The lips and lip area produce less oil glands and cannot protect themselves from free radicals
because they don’t have the capacity to create sun-filtering natural melanin/pigment. Chapped and
split lips are the most common concern when it comes to skincare. The cold and dry air dehydrates
our skin and lips during the winter months, however the sun, wind and dry air can also cause
concern for dehydrated and chapped lips during the summer months and all year round.
The solution to your lip care concerns is the SOS Lip Rescue – a medicated balm with multitasking
ingredients that are most effective at providing instant healing and optimal comfort for dry, chapped
and sore lips.
Benefits and ingredients
• Bisabolol – obtained from chamomile and has superior healing properties make this ingredient
ideal to treat delicate lips
• Menthol – organic compound derived from mint which provides refreshing action which soothes
itchiness, redness and sunburn
• Salicylic Acid – Soft exfoliating and anti-microbial properties
• The palmitate form of vitamin A – essential skin nutrient for skin repair and maintenance
• Vitamin E – excellent moisturiser with powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties
*Direction for use: Apply to lips as often daily as needed to restore, protect or maintain healthy skin.

Stimulate and detox
Use products that can stimulate the circulation and detoxification around the eye and lip area to give
the skin the nutrients and boost that they need. Your home care regime in combination with in-cabin
resurfacing treatments targeted at the eye and lip area are highly recommended to maintain a
healthy and fresh-looking skin.
Contact your pHformula skin specialist for more advice on effective treatments for your lips and


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