The Sun, the great unknown…

Daniela, Lupus and Friends.

The sun is the great king star that brightens our spring days and afternoons in autumn or winter, but for many Lupus sufferers the sun can be something to dread, especially in summer when it is closer to the Earth and we can feel it much more intensely.

One of the characteristics of Lupus sufferers is that we are photosensitive to sunlight. For us, the sun can turn into something to be avoided, since over exposure, or exposure without protection, in any season of the year, can bring on an outbreak of the disease.

We must remember that UVA rays are present 365 days of the year. So we need to protect ourselves from them every day, regardless of whether it is summer or winter. The Lupus skin lesions appear in areas that have been exposed to the sun, which is why it is called a photosensitive disease. Dermatologists recommend always protecting yourself with total sunscreen, also called factor 50. Nowadays there are lipsticks and makeup with sun protection, so we always have products available to help us normalise our lives.

If we take care and protect ourselves from the sun, life will be better all round. In fact, not only Lupus sufferers need to protect themselves from the sun’s rays, everyone needs to do it. As time goes on, more and more people have told me that they need to wear sunglasses, use sun shades, hats or caps, sun creams and even cool clothes with long sleeves… And if there is a nice spot in the shade, why put yourself at risk?

So Lupus sufferers aren’t alone with this, and the best thing is that we have support from the manufacturing laboratories, who are creating an ever-increasing number of products tailor made for us, to make our lives that bit easier and improve our quality of life, which is what really matters.

Lupus patients we have to make the world know and understand how important and urgent it is for us to have sun protection creams available all year round at reduced prices, because for us it is just another part of the treatment for the disease.


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