Seasonal beauty tips for face whitening

It is no longer a surprise that seasonal changes affect our skin in different ways, all depending on our skin types. So let’s go through this on basis of skin type.

1. Seasonal tips for oily skin

– Winter: Moisturization

People with oily skin type have been living with one misconception for a very long time. And that is that the oily skin doesn’t need moisturization. Whoever told you that is wrong. Just because the skin generates excess oils doesn’t mean that it is receiving sufficient nourishment. Always make sure you moisturize as required, especially in winters as the skin tends to dry out then. Use a gel based moisturizer for better results.


– Summer: Cleansing and toning

Oily skin is a magnet for dirt and during the summers and with the addition of sweat to the equation only makes it easier for infections to find a foothold. So cleanse regularly and tone too. This will ensure that the dirt is removed and the pores are closed.

2. Seasonal tips for dry skin

Summer and winter: Moisturization

The most important thing for this type of skin is moisturization. Your skin is dry by default and the dryness in the air surrounding can only make matters worse. So make sure that during all seasons you have that bottle of favorite moisturizer at hand and keep your skin hydrated.


3. Seasonal tips for combination skin

Summer and winter:

Since combination skin comes with the troubles of both skin types, the key is to keeping the skin clean, pores closed and skin hydrated. These are the requirements for both skin types. So it is all about finding the right balance in the routine.



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