Single Product

Trousse eyeshadow cotti & trio



Unit: Variety colors (0.5gr + 0.9gr + 3.5gr)

Effect: Natural radiant effect and deep smokey effect

Coverage: Highly pigmented with a transparent touch

Texture: Crushed compact pearls


Innovative baked wet & dry formulated eyeshadow. Apply dry for a natural and soft effect and wet for to create a more intense color.

Product Description


Highly pigmented baked formula, for a professional performance which makes it easier to blend. The lighter colors leave a touch of light on the eyes while the darker colors are the perfect base for a smokey eye. The four colours are perfectly coordinated to create multiple looks.

How to apply

Use Nee brush n°5 / 6 / 7 / 8. To have a brighter more intense and radiant result, wet the brush before dipping in the eyeshadow. Create a metallic finish with the Eyeliner brush n°1.