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Sapphire sensitive skin cream



Unit: Jar 125ml

Skin type: Sensitive skin

Texture: Gel cream – Velvet sensation

Color: Light blue

Beauty advantage

24h cream. Moisturizes and soothes your skin thanks to the combination of several assets. From the first application, the moisturizing rate of the epidermis increases. This 24h cream nourishes and protects the epidermis leaving a unique feeling of freshness. The benefits and quality of this cream have been sought in the sapphire.

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Product Description


1. Stones

– Sapphire: Soothing, softening

– Lapis lazuli: Soothing

2. Plants

– Caper bud: Decongestant

– Manketti oil: Protective

3. Flowers

– Hibiscus: Regenerating, soothing

4. Others

– Vitamin E: Regenerating

– Gemology skin care®: “Zen” effect

– Organic water: Beneficial


To moisturize, sooth and soften the skin.

Directions for use

Apply the cream at the end of the face care. Use for the morning and evening.