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Revitalizante expression lines serum



Unit: Bottle 30ml

Do you want to reduce the wrinkles and expression lines on your face? The expression lines serum from Repavar® Revitalize is an intensive serum that relaxes the facial muscles that cause fine wrinkles and expression lines. It is very effective for treating and preventing expression lines, especially on the forehead, around the eyes and on the upper lip. After using it for 15 days you’ll see a big difference: your skin will be smoother, tauter and brighter.

Product Description

Main ingredients

– Argireline (anti-wrinkle hexapeptide) with a muscle relaxing effect, it reduces the depth and length of expression lines.

– Resveratrol (grape seed extract) that prevents premature deterioration of the skin. Soy isoflavones that stimulate cell renewal.

– Oil free and paraben free.

Indicated for

Treatment and prevention of expression lines, mainly on the forehead, around the eyes and above the top lip. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use

Apply morning and / or night to clean skin on the face and neck, concentrating on the areas with most expression lines. Use gentle movements, following the face’s tension lines.