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Regeneradora anti stretch mark



Unit: Tube 250ml

The Repavar® Regenerate anti stretch mark cream helps to prevent and repair stretch marks and cracks caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. If you are pregnant, we recommend you apply it to the areas likely to gain volume and tighten the skin, during and after pregnancy, to maximise the results.

– Prevents and repairs stretch marks

– Firms and regenerates the skin

– Natural care

Product Description

Main ingredients

Rosehip oil R. Rubiginosa, LQ20® anti stretch marks, pure concentrated extract of centella asiatica and witch hazel water.

Indicated for

Treating and preventing localised stretch marks, especially on the tummy, bottom, hips and breasts.

Direction for use

Apply morning and night, to clean, dry skin. Application before, during and after pregnancy in all areas susceptible to gaining volume and stretching the skin.