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Oil free hydro balancing moisturizing cream



Unit: Tube 50ml

Greasy skin or acne prone skin usually has blackheads and pimples. This is because this type of skin secretes an excessive amount of sebum, the pores close up and the sebum gets trapped inside. To stop acne and treat this type of skin, the Repavar® Oil free Hydro balancing cream provides the skin with all the moisture it needs, and also has a sebum regulating effect (thanks to the laminaria saccharina). This excellent cream is quickly absorbed.

Product Description

Main ingredients

Laminaria saccharina extract, taurine, vitamin E.

Indicated for

Daily facial care of greasy, mixed and / or acne-prone skins. Ideal complement for the care of young skins undergoing anti-acne treatment.

Directions for use

Apply to previously cleansed skin morning and night.