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Oil free dermo-repair cream



Unit: Tube 50ml

Dermo-repair cream is refreshing, easily absorbed cream-gel helps your skin to recover from dryness caused by aggressive treatments (anti-acne, dermabrasion, facial peels, shaving, etc.). It also helps to restore skin comfort and hydro balance. It is made of a combination of active ingredients from centella asiatica and seaweed extract, that have an excellent anti-irritant, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Non-comedogenic. Very pleasant texture.

Does not contain preservatives, colourings or perfumes.

Product Description

Main ingredients

Active ingredients from the centella asiatica and seaweed extract.

Indicated for

Facial care of greasy, mixed and / or acne-prone skins. Especially recommended for skins subjected to aggressive facial treatments (anti-acne, dermoabrasion, facial peels, shaving, etc.).

Directions for use

Apply morning and / or night to clean skin (face and neck) using gentle circular movements.