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Moonstone purifying cream



Unit: Jar 50ml

Skin type: Combination and oily skins

Texture: Cream

Color: Slightly green

Beauty advantage

A purifying cream that regulates the secretion of sebum for a long lasting and matifying effect. Its purifying agents tighten the dilated pores and refine the skin texture. Rich in potassium, the moonstone regulates the skin water content for a better hydration. You will be proud to show off a beautiful looking skin with a bright and glowing complexion.

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Product Description


1. Stones

– Moonstone: Moisturizing, soothing

2. Plants

– Enantia chlorantha (extract from an African tree): Tightening dilated pores

– Oleanolic acid (extract from olive leaf): Inhibition of sebaceous glands


To moisturize, purify, matt and refine the skin texture.

Directions for use