Single Product

Energizing mask with acerola



Unit: Jar 120ml

For all devitalized, tired and dull skin.

This mak acts like a second skin wich gives to the skin all the benefits of acerola, spirulina and the pure vitamin C. Acerola, cherry of Amazonia naturally rich in vitamin C and antioxidant, delays the effects of ageing and gives back to the skin all its tonicity. Moreover soothing, regenerating and nutritive actions of spirulina reinforce the structure of the epidermis. The association of these active ingredients firms the skin and gives again glow and tonicity to it.

Product Description

Frequency of application:

Approximately 10 sessions in total, with 1 or 2 application per week.


In a bowl, pour 30g of powder. Do not compress the powder by filling this measuring glass. Then, pour 90ml of cool water. Mix immediately with a spatula to obtain an homogeneous mixture. Apply a thick layer of 0.12 inches and make clean edges in order to remove properly. The mask sets in about 6 minutes and can be pulled off in juste one piece.