Single Product

Cleansing oil



Unit: Bottle 50ml

Skin type: All skin types (especially oily skin)

Finish: Clean

Texture: Delicate oil


Cleansing oil with a silky formula that purifies and protects the skin removing make up and excess oil. Leaves the skin fresh, radiant and healthy.

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Product Description


Cleansing, deterging and hydrating oil. Removes every trace of make-up and is perfect for waterproof make-up. The oil detracts sebum from the skin and is therefore perfect for oily skin.

Selling point

Deterging and cleansing oil. One product that deterges and removes make-up. To be rinsed with water after use.

How to apply

Pour a few drops of the product on the palm of your hand and gently massage it on your face, skin must be dry. Wait a minute (2 to 3 minutes for oily skin). Then wet your face with just a bit of lukewarm water, the oil will transform into a white soft foam. Rinse off all the foam with plenty of lukewarm water.