Active day cream SPF25



Unit: Airless 50ml

Its light and melting formula is an excellent day cream which contains a lightening active ingredient of last generation, the actiwhite®, which inhibits the synthesis of the tyrosinase, restricting the production of melanin. A derivative of stabilized vitamin C, boost the diminution of this mechanism. The SPF25 protects the skin from UVB. Acetate of Tocopherol (derivative of vitamin E) and antioxidant, play a role in the protection against the free radicals by the sun rays. Beeswax, film-forming and moisturizing* agents, which the trehalose from plant and the hyaluronic acid, promote hydric balance of the skin.

*of the upper layers of the epidermis

Product Description

Apply the Active day cream SPF25 every morning. Suitable for decollete and hands. For optimal results, apply first the Actiwhite lightening serum.