Five steps to make your eyes more attractive

Applying eye makeup correctly is a fundamental step to wear perfect makeup.

Want to make your eyes a bit more dramatic? Follow the 5 steps to boost your look and make it more attractive and seductive.

1st step – Concealer

Enlighten your fade dark circles and make a neutral base by choosing a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Tap with your finger for a more natural result, or with a latex sponge.

For minor imperfections use Concealer (color 29 or 30) or Brightflash (color C1, C2 or C3) for a fluid correction.


*Tip: For dark circles, apply an orange blush to counter the color of the ring. Use E83 – Eyeshadow mono with brush, complete with Camouflage (color 39R, 40R or 41R) and finish by a lightening touch of Brightflash (color C1, C2 or C3).


2nd step – Eyebrow

Start at the lower base, draw a thin line defining the shape you want with an eyebrow pencil, then go back to using small movements reproducing the natural movement of hair from your eyebrows with the same pencil.

For a total effect, use Eyebrow kit (color EW1 Trevy grey or EW2 Trevy taupe). Finish by fixing with Gel professional eyelashes & eyebrows.

*Tip: For a high definition, draw a line of Camouflage (color 39R, 40R or 41R) with a brush on your eyebrow’s upper and lower side and stretch the matter.


3rd step – Eyeshadow

To open your eyes, apply the famous Mini eyeshadow cotto (color 820 Black, Grey, Sparkling, White, Pink, Purple, Brown, Copper, Orange, Beige, Cognac or 822 Lobster) in “sparkling” color on the eyes inner corner with an eye blender. With the same brush, drop the pearly white eye shadow on your brow bone.

Then play with a darker shadow according the complexion of your skin like a brown color or caramel. Choose a matte color to have a sophisticated result like Eyeshadow trio (color Formidable, Moka or Pesca). Place the brush color just on the eyelid hollow and on the brow bone. You will notice that your eyes will expand magically.


4th step – Eyeliner

Draw a line along your eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. If you have small eyes starts drawing your line from the three quarter to the outer corner. According your lipstick color (discret or intense), you can vary your line thickness. Use Long lasting eyeliner (color EY0 Moonless black, EY1 Paparazzi purple or EY2 Twilight) for an easy and quick application.


5th step – Mascara

Start by applying High definition mascara at the end of your eyelashes while doing small movements by opening and closing eyes. Then from the lash line by effecting a slight zigzag motion until their ends. If your eyelashes are too short add more fake eyelashes. Place it just above the upper lashes line and delicately press in order to stick to the skin.

*Tip: Apply Concealer pencil on the lower lining of the eye. It instantly brightens and opens your eyes for an angelic look.


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