Do you know how to apply your sun cream correctly?

Posted: July 7th, 2018

The sun is shining brightly and you’ve decided to go to the beach. Do you know how to protect yourself from the UVA and UVB rays? Here’s how to apply your sun cream correctly:

– Apply your sun cream 30 minutes before your skin is exposed to the sun. Most sun creams take a few minutes to start working so it is advisable to be protected before you go out.

– Let the cream dry properly before you get dressed so it is absorbed better.

– How much sun cream should you apply? We usually make the mistake of not using enough. You should apply it diving your body into 11 zones. We’ll show you how on our chart!

– The zones that need more sun cream are the upper areas as they come into contact with the sun first so we should start there.

– Apply it by massaging the skin in a circular motion with your fingers together so it is easier to cover a larger area.

– Don’t forget to protect the back of your neck, ears, eyelids, lips, hands and feet too. These zones can burn too!

– Be careful with your nose as it usually burns more than the rest of the face, so you need to apply extra protection.

– You need to use your sun cream on cloudy days too. 90% of ultraviolet rays can pass through the clouds.

– Cologne or perfume can cause marks if you use them when your skin is exposed to the sun. It’s better to avoid using them.

– Lastly, remember to apply sun cream every 2 hours so the effects don’t wear off.

And now that you’re protected, relax and enjoy the sun!


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