10 super life hacks that can make your morning more pleasant

For many of us, first thing in the morning is absolutely the worst time of day that there is. From the moment the dreaded alarm goes off, to arriving at work, it is nothing but a frantic rush to get things done and it’s the time of the day that we hate the most. It’s no wonder then, that so many people are in a foul mood in the mornings, they have all this pressure to cope with, and they are hardly even awake. If all this sounds very familiar, then perhaps it’s time you revamped your morning routine to make it a bit more enjoyable. Yes, mornings can be enjoyable! If you want to find out how, read these ten super hacks that will show you how you can make your mornings a more pleasant experience.

1. Wake up earlier


Before you stop reading this and think to yourself: ‘I knew they were going to say that’, think about this for a moment. All you’d have to do to make your mornings a lot less hectic is get about just 30 minutes earlier. You’d barely even notice the difference, but it would give you much more time to wake up gradually and much more time to get things done.

2. Get things ready the night before


A bit of preparation the night before would save you a few headaches in the morning too. Packed lunches can be made and left in the refrigerator, your outfit for the day could be decided on and laid out ready to go, and you could write up a to do list so that you aren’t panicking first thing in the morning. The more you do the night before, the less you will have to stress you out in the mornings.

3. Start your day with a large glass of water


That drowsy, not quite with it, feeling that you have in the mornings could be just be a sign that you are dehydrated. Before you even start to make your first cup of coffee, drink a large glass of ice cold water. It will make you feel a lot fresher and more awake and it will help to replace some the water you lost during the night.

4. Pull back the drapes and open a window


Getting some daylight and fresh air in your home will make you feel a lot better. Admittedly, if it’s midwinter, you probably won’t want to throw all your windows wide open, but even letting a little air into your home will help. At the very least, poke your head out the window for a few seconds and take in some deep breaths!

5. Play some music


Having some background music will help wake you up. Put on your favourite CD, or a morning breakfast show on the radio. Music can have an amazing effect on your mood and really will brighten your mornings. It’s certainly a lot better for your mood than walking around telling yourself how much you hate the mornings.

6. Get up and get moving


Take ten minutes to stretch your body and get things moving again. It doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout, just a few stretches, or perhaps a bit of yoga. Some gentle exercise in the morning will get your blood flowing and get you prepared for the rest of the day.

7. Eat some breakfast


If you get up a bit earlier, you will have time to eat, and enjoy, some breakfast. There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to eat a breakfast, but most people do find that they need it. Eating breakfast restarts your metabolism and gets your body functioning again, so you might find that it does put you in a much better mood.

8. Do something that you enjoy


Your morning routine need not be only about getting ready and rushing out the door. Put aside some time for doing something that you really enjoy and you will get a whole lot more out of your mornings. You could take a long hot bath, read a few pages of a book, or catch up with friends on Facebook. Whatever you choose, it will stop the mornings being such a grind.

9. Don’t read work emails


Leave work where it belongs and don’t read your work emails until you get there. Keep your mornings free of work, so that you can do the things that you want to do and make the mornings yours. There really is no point stressing about emails, there is little you can do about them until the working day starts anyway.

10. Take your time


Give your body time to wake up and take some breaks in your morning schedule. Take ten minutes out and drink a cup of coffee while enjoying the nature out of your window, or head out to work a little bit earlier, so you relax in a coffee shop before you start the day’s work. If you want to make your mornings more pleasant, you need to give yourself more time to enjoy them.



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